GitHub Repo First Commit

GitHub Repo First Commit

 How to navigate to the earliest commit in a repository?

  1. Easiest to find out how old a repo roughly is, you can go to “Insights” and then “Contributors” i prvi datum u periodu koji je prikazan je otprilike prvi commit.

  2. Datum kreiranja repo-a nije isto što i prvi commit jer repos mogu biti pomerani, ali ipak treba i to pomenuti, ali je to dosta lako kroz API sa endpoint:{:owner}/{:repository}, odnosno sa handy cURL one-liner: curl -s | grep ‘created_at’ | cut -d: -f2-

  3. Imaš i bookmarklet FarhadG/init: ❗ Go to the first (initial) commit of any GitHub repo i mnoge extensije i userscript-ove

How do I find the date of the first commit in a GitHub repository? - Web Applications Stack Exchange

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