Plugins: Log Emails

Plugins: Log Emails

Email Logging

Use Log Emails (Simple) or WP Mail Catcher (Advanced) plus Disable Emails if needed

Note that most of email-delivery plugins include some kind of “email log” and an ability to modify “sender” value.

Amazing resource: johnbillion/wp_mail is a list of all the situations where WordPress core sends an email and how to filter or disable each one.

Customize default WordPress emails

Great wrap up of plugins: How to customize WordPress emails

All emails from Wordpress (lost password, notifications, etc.) are sent by default in text/plain format. WP Better Emails wraps them with a much better looking customizable HTML email template and lets you also set your own sender name and email address.

WP Better Emails

nlemoine/wp-better-emails: Adds a customizable good looking HTML template to all WP default plain/text emails and lets you set a custom sender name and email address.

Email Template Designer – WP HTML Mail

Customise your WordPress email notifications - Better Notifications for WP Customize WordPress Emails and Alerts – Better Notifications for WP

Only Change email “from” field

Customize the sender name and email address

WP Mail From II WP Simple Mail Sender

Disable emails

WP Reroute Email will reroute all emails to one destination and includes log capability

filters - How to disable all WordPress emails modularly and programatically? - WordPress Development Stack Exchange

Disable Emails

Stop Emails

Email Delivery

  • Easy WP SMTP
    doesn’t have log capability, and that’s amazing actualy

  • Post SMTP Mailer/Email Log
    Post SMTP is a fork of another WordPress SMTP plugin called Postman. Postman was abandoned and removed from because of a security issue, so this plugin picks up from where it left off.

  • WP Mail SMTP by WPForms
    The Most Popular SMTP and Email Log Plugin

  • Post SMTP or
    Non-free Mail Bank | WP Mail Bank
    Use email sending plugins with log included

New ones:

Email Interesting

  • lesterchan/wp-email Allows people to recommend/send your WordPress blog’s post/page to a friend

free email templates: Free responsive Emails & Landing Pages drag-and-drop Editor | BEE

Debugging WP Mail is easy using handy little hook wp_mail_failed

LH Multipart Email – WordPress plugin | automatski, ako ne postoji, pravi text verziju za svaki poslati HTML email

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