Savremeni CSS preflight/normalize/reset

Savremeni CSS preflight/normalize/reset

Odlučio sam da stavim Tailwind CSS “Preflight” base styles koji which is a combination of “modern-normalize.css” and some additional base styles a sindresorhus/modern-normalize inače samo smanjeni stari necolas/normalize.css.

Preflight by Tailwind CSS na to dodaje uglavnom resetovanje svih margina i paddinga na nulu, a to je baš ono što želim.

Ali bi to još proširio sam ovim:

reset.css: An annotated CSS reset extending the default Tailwind preflight styles to be more in line with developer expectations and the functional CSS methodology.


jer želim sve na nuli!


Enter :where(), the amazing CSS pseudo selector that gives us super powers.

Scoping Normalized Preflight CSS - DEV Community

This little guy does not effect CSS specificity. If we wrap a parent selector with it, e.g, :where(.preflight), and make a few modifications to the CSS, we can remove it from the global CSS

Very clean new one Modern CSS Reset / Global Styles by Josh Comeau.

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