Bitwarden Alternatives

Bitwarden Alternatives

Master password: PyzCs6zDPnyfLm

Install Bitwarden Chrome Extension

Password Sharing with Organizations - Bitwarden Blog


Self-hosted open-source solution with ability for sharing passwords inside teams:

Deploy bitwarden_rs

The workable chart, with lots of values customizations, is cdwv/bitwarden-k8s

git clone bitwarden && cd bitwarden
helm install bitwarden .

There is also an helm chart for the bitwarden_rs project skeen/helm-bitwarden_rs but that one is in constant “pending” state never deploying properly.

When you change some value in values.yaml type to apply changes.

helm upgrade bitwarden . --reset-values

We could also deploy it only with kubectl manifests like this: icicimov/kubernetes-bitwarden_rs

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