Lifestyle: Personal Finances

Lifestyle: Personal Finances


MoneyGuru supports transactions in multiple currencies (the currency is defined at split level), while GnuCash does not (the currency is defined at transaction level).

Najbolji do sada: Actual

Woow - Personal Finance actualbudget/actual: A local-first personal finance app

Apr 29, 2022 I’m open-sourcing Actual

You could even hook up your own bank syncing – Plaid support a free development plan that covers an individual user. In fact, you’ll see Plaid support in the syncing server because I already started building this out.

Mentioned in mycelial/mycelite: Mycelite is a SQLite extension that allows you to synchronize changes from one instance of SQLite to another.

Looking for moneyguru solution

Plain Text Accounting

plain-text accounting software, PTA tools

Plain Text Accounting portal - sadrži ceo spisak baš svih PTA aplikacija. Show HN: A simple FOSS and self-hosted budgeting app | Hacker News Simple Personal Finance Tracking with GnuCash | Hacker News

Svi toolovi su prisutni i na scoop i na brew, tako da to nije problem.


ledger, a powerful command-line accounting system - ledger je prvi i on je sve pokrenuo, sa repo na ledger/ledger: Double-entry accounting system with a command-line reporting interface. Verovatno je nekada stao sa razvojem, ali sada je vrlo aktivno razvijan.

Paisa je ustvari predivan UI koji ima isti format kao i ledger CLI, a powerful command-line accounting system - ledger koji pak sam po sebi je double-entry accounting na flat-file from command line, a predstavljen je krajem 2023 vidi Show HN: Paisa – Open-Source Personal Finance Manager | Hacker News.

Solidan UI je takođe Prudent - Your personal finance as a journal


Comparable to Ledger and Beancount, hledger comes with a CSV parser one can use to import and classify recurring transactions automagically using rules. Naziv je dobio od hledger kao ledger reimplemented in haskell, vidi Features - hledger, ali je vremenom prestao da bude kompatibilan u formatu.

Inače, on ima svoj UI kao i Web UI.


beancount: Double-Entry Accounting from Text Files sa repo na beancount/beancount: Beancount: Double-Entry Accounting from Text Files.

Savršeno, GUI za Beancount je Welcome to Fava! — Fava documentation je a great visualization frontend for beancount ledgers.

Postoji i VSCode addon Beancount - Visual Studio Marketplace

Ima razne importere kao siddhantgoel/beancount-n26: Beancount Importers for N26 CSV Exports or seth / beancount-csv-camt · GitLab

Sve je pomenuto ovde: siddhantgoel/awesome-beancount: Awesome Beancount Resources Ali je i ovo interesantno zbog mobile apps: - Double-entry bookkeeping made easy for living your best financial life - 16 is not affiliated with 10 but uses Fava under MIT license

Pazi, ima i AI import: beancount/smart_importer: Augment Beancount importers with machine learning functionality. and it need training data, i.e. an existing list of transactions in order to be effective.

Sve je interoperabilno u formatima kroz beancount/ledger2beancount: Ledger to Beancount text-based converter

Some articles: A beancount tutorial and framework - Felix Wolff


hrj/abandon: 😌 Simple and Robust Accounting is inspired by Ledger but is simpler to use, has a more regular syntax, has a GUI and is cross-platform.

beans / knut

sboehler/beans: An accounting tool inspired by beancount and ledger is deprecated and is rewritten as sboehler/knut: knut is an efficient plain text accounting tool with support for multiple currencies and valuation.


Mostly importers

julian-klode/goledger: Various stuff written in Go for importing data into hledger can parse JSON files of the N26 online banking

Erik Hetzner / ledger-autosync · GitLab

deb-sig/double-entry-generator: Rule-based double-entry bookkeeping importer (from Alipay/WeChat/Huobi etc. to Beancount/Ledger).

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