Windows Development Workflow

Windows Development Workflow

Setting up a Shiny Development Environment within Linux on Windows 10 - Scott Hanselman

My Cross-Platform Dev Setup on Surface Laptop :: ~/BrianKetelsen — Sniffing the Glue

Basic WSL Setup · StevenTammen/dotfiles: Steven’s dotfiles for WSL Ubuntu on Windows 10

WLS Terminal

Have you tried wsltty, which is basically mintty + wslbridge? It doesn’t have any tabs or split windows but it works pretty well. If you use tmux, you can get split panels.

Even Ubuntu WSL terminal is nice. ConEmu vs Hyper vs Terminus vs MobaXTerm Terminator vs Ubuntu WSL — Nick Janetakis Most of the WSLtty problems are gone, and it’s what I currently use. It still has a little bit more input latency than Ubuntu WSL but it’s a lot easier to configure and supports hotkey based font size adjustments.

Configuring a pretty and usable terminal emulator for WSL

Compare multiple terminals emulators with wsl : bashonubuntuonwindows

mintty/wsltty: Mintty as a terminal for Bash on Ubuntu on Windows / WSL

lonepie/mintty-quake-console: AHK script to implement dropdown hotkey for mintty

Feature request: A persistent, guake-style terminal emulator · Issue #1621 · Microsoft/WSL

ConEmu + wslbridge

Eugeny/terminus: A terminal for a more modern age

Shell & Shell Framework

Why framework? To allow you to install packages which extend or modify the look of your shell.

Still not sure about fish. Nicer but those stupid things :(

SSH with connection persistence

  • Eternal Terminal seems to be better alternative to mosh with some better support for native scrolling (scrollback) and especially tmux control mode (native tabs and windows, tmux -CC) but not sure which terminal supports that

What could be better than SSH? Three tools to consider

Eternal Terminal, tmux, iTerm2, and you


point client to docker engine running in windows with:

export DOCKER_HOST=localhost:2375

and append that to ~/.bashrc or ~/.profile with

echo "export DOCKER_HOST=localhost:2375" >> ~/.profile
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