eTaktiker Documentation

eTaktiker Documentation

I want to have documents inside my Treasury structure, but at the same time to display it nicely to other colleagues. The problem originated from the stupid fact that Google Drive doesn’t have any kind of Markdown preview. And, this is why I needed a better solution.

There are a lot of approaches possible, and almost every one of them has huge flaws.

Host on Google Drive and displayed with MDWiki

This not a viable solution anymore, as Google announced that it will stop hosting files after August 31, 2016. By this, it is meant that files will not be possibly to access via[doc_id] URL.

Host web pages with Google Drive

Couple of more tricks: How to Create Direct Download Links for Files on Google Drive

Note: I can’t seem to make full-text search to work. It is really not working.

Host on Seafile natively

We can host those files natively on our Seafile server, and use it’s native markdown viewer, which is beautiful.

The point is that we must use hardlinks from my Google Drive to Seafile. Soft directory links are not viable as Seafile file watcher will not pickup changes on files.

Idea to host everything in Seafile is bad as search functionality is not stellar; in fact, it is non-existent. Please note that there is full-text search in Pro version, which is free for up to 3 users.


Dropbox has some rudimentary preview support for Markdown, plus web hosting is possible so we can also use much more advanced MDWiki markdown preview.

Problem is that it doesn’t support full-text search in their free accounts.

I won’t migrate my notes to Dropbox, but I can use hardlinks to Dropbox, if I ever want to ditch Seafile thing setup in the same way.

The simplest solution for Docs

For eTaktiker documentation, I have made a separate non-encrypted library inside Seafile, and I have set that it’s synced folder on my computer is exactly the same location as Google Drive folder.

Therefore, I have avoided creating hard links or anything similar, and I don’t need to use MDWiki as Seafile has beautiful Markdown preview.

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