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Sublime Text Packages

mrmartineau/SublimeTextSetup Sublime Text 2 tips for Python and web developers



Please be sure to restart Sublime Text 2 to start using this new version. For more information or how to use this plugin visit

New Features

  • Support v2 of protocol


Simpler alternative: BrowserRefresh-sublime by gcollazo


Thanks for installing Sublime SFTP! Below are some quick notes to get you started with the plugin. Please see for the full documentation.

There are two major modes of operation:

  1. Mapping a local folder to a remote folder
  2. Working off of a server

Mapping a Local Folder to a Remote Folder

To map a local folder to a remote folder, right-click on it in the side bar and select the SFTP/SFTP > Map to Remote… You will enter your connection parameters and a new file will be created named sftp-config.json.

Once this file has been saved, all files in that folder and all subfolders will have various operations available via the side bar context menu, editor context menu and command palette.

Working off of a Server

To work off of a server, use the File menu and select SFTP/FTP > Setup Server… You will enter your connection parameters and options then save the file with the name you want to give the connection.

Once the server config is saved, you will be automatically connected to the server and you can browse and perform actions via the quick panel.

Unfortunely due to limitations of the Sublime Text 2 API, it is not possible to present the remote filesystem in the side bar. There are, however, key bindings for connecting to servers to help reduce the amount of time remote file operations take.


To learn more about the features and settings, please visit

If you are having trouble, please contact me at The Support page,, includes instructions for capturing a debug log that will be useful if you believe you are experiencing a bug.

Basic node.js Code Completion :: tanepiper/SublimeText-Nodejs

Live Reload in Browser

LiveReload Reloading a browser when file changes. Works on local.

Required are only: Sublime Text plugin & browser extension (Firefox or Chrome) :: LiveReload :: dz0ny/LiveReload-sublimetext2 :: Paul Bakaus’ Sea of Ideas » Getting productive with Sublime Text 2

Markdown Preview Plugin

MarkdownPreview: :: revolunet/sublimetext-markdown-preview

My key bindings:

{ "keys": ["ctrl+shift+m"], "command": "markdown_preview", "args": {"target": "browser"} }

And change markdown.css file with GitHub’s one.

Markdown CSS Theme Collection :: jasonm23/markdown-css-themes

But I’m using GitHub’s: :: Github Markdown CSS - for Markdown Editor Preview — Gist

Replace the file located at: %APPDATA%\Sublime Text 2\Packages\Markdown Preview\markdown.css

You should add Tumblr support to Markdown Preview plugin - a forked Plugin. :: Blake Anderson • Sublime Text - Markdown to Tumblr Plugin :: blakeanderson/sublimetext-markdown-preview

Or, I just found one alternative that looks great: Pandoc (Markdown) jclement/SublimePandoc · GitHub This is the most flexible one. In essence, it has everything. Problem is: You’ll need to download and install Pandoc and have it in your PATH.

Alignement plugins

The only working and installed is VAlign.

  • VAlign Originally based on wbond’s Alignment plugin (mentioned later), but better than original. More intelligent. Just press Ctrl+\ anywhere.

  • Abacus Alignment Plugin for Sublime Text 2 that actually works Try with: ctrl+alt+] But it’s not magic for me.

  • Code Alignment Very advanced one. Shortcut (basic one): Ctrl+Shift+’=’ But it’s not working for me.

  • Alignment Ctrl+Alt+A: Alignment of multi-line selections The first one. There are betters now.

Other Interesting plugins

File Templates kairyou/SublimeTmpl mneuhaus/SublimeFileTemplates · GitHub

iafan/SublimeTextPreview · GitHub trishume/Sublime-Rosetta-Get vojtajina/sublime-BuildSwitcher nibblebot/sublime-js2coffee astropanic/Compline · GitHub graarh/sublime-AutoPHPDollar

timdouglas/sublime-find-function-definition · GitHub oct8cat/sublime-phpdox

gillibrand/expand-selection-to-function-js dafrancis/Sublime-Text–cdnjs

Allow you run a HTTP Server in SublimeText 2, and serves all the open project folders learning/SublimeServer or even: astronaughts/SublimePHPBuiltinWebServer · GitHub

Better Manual Word Wrapping

Sublime-Wrap-Plus Wrap Plus handles a lot of situations that the stock Sublime word wrapper doesn’t handle, but it’s likely there are many situations where it doesn’t work quite right.

Git Plugins

kemayo/sublime-text-2-git gornostal/Modific

HTML Editing

sublimator/ZenCoding Incredible plugin. Shortcut: Ctrl + Alt + Enter. Perfect for HTML typing. Try - html:5 or

SublimeText/Tag Runs automatically when inserting an Slash “/” into an HTML document. HTML /XML tag helpers. Great ones.

Programming Plugins

  • Autocompletion SublimeCodeIntel Jump to Symbol Definition + Autocompletion.

    Provides the following features:

    • Jump to Symbol Definition - Jump to the file and line of the definition of a symbol.
    • Autocomplete in real time.
    • Function Call tooltips - Displays information in the status bar about the working function.
  • Real-Time Syntax Checking SublimeLinter it’s a fork of an older Sublime Lint PHP syntax checking via is done “php -l”

  • Software Archaeology Using CTags (Jump to definition) SublimeText/CTags Must install CTags. Features like ‘goto source definition’. Usage with Ctrl+T,Ctrl+T If SublimeCodeIntel is working, there is no need for this one.

Additional PHP Snippets Not very useful snippets.

DocBlockr The DocBlockr plugin makes it very quick and easy to create doc blocks for your classes, attributes, and methods.

Typing ‘/**’ and then pressing ENTER. The plugin will create a template doc block for you to fill out to suit.

Goto Documentation Plugin Quickly goto the relevant documentation for the function you have your cursor on. kemayo/sublime-text-2-goto-documentation It’s not working for me.

PHP XDebug: SublimeXdebug Sublime Text 3 ports: martomo/SublimeXdebug · GitHub klaascuvelier/SublimeXdebug · GitHub


PHP Specific: erichard/SublimeCTagsPHP alexandresalome/sublime-alom SublimeText/PhpBeautifier

Soulbroken : PHP_CodeSniffer Plugin For Sublime Text 2

crazycooder/Goto-Symbol · GitHub freewizard/SublimeFormatSQL facelessuser/BracketHighlighter

LESS: LESS CSS in Sublime Text 2 | Alchemy

Chef: cabeca/SublimeChef · GitHub

Woow. Task management: aziz/PlainTasks · GitHub Task management within Sublime Text 2 with PlainTasks | shoogle designs’ blog

Edit history: Sublime Text 2 Tip: Edit History | shoogle designs’ blog Here is a list of all plugins: randy3k/Change-List · GitHub

eBookArchitects/Incrementor · GitHub

Sublime Text FTP plugins

NoxArt/SublimeText2-FTPSync SublimeText/Mote Sublime SFTP is commercial.

Sublime Text Themes


Code Formatters / Beautifier /

format :st3 - Search - Package Control Formatting HTML with Sublime Text

I have dediced to use CodeFormatter, but it looks like HTML-CSS-JS Prettify has very nice review. It works with node.js, so you have to install it.

Markdown Syntax

I just want to change a syntax to recognize Github flavored Markdown. The simplest - just a syntax file, and also the best is Markdown Extended. I also tested Knockdown but it is way inferior and doesn’t support bash syntax.

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