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Visual Website Optimizer

(3) What are the main differences / benefits of Visual Website Optimizer vs. Optimizely? - Quora Optimizely vs Visual Website Optimizer - Startup Bloggers Why We Switched to Optimizely | Optimizely Blog

Visual Website Optimizer: How it Compares to The Rivals Experiments - Analytics Help

Heatmaps: Crazy Egg - Visualize where your visitors click

KISSmetrics Customer Intelligence & Web Analytics

A/B Ideafox: search engine for A/B, split and multivariate testing case studies - Visual Website Optimizer

Woow: Analytics

AdWords Conversion Tracking Setting up conversion tracking

Google Tricks! Google Tag Manager

Classic GA vs. Universal Analytics

The Classic Google Analytics tracking code is named ga.js and the new Google Analytics Universal Analytics tracking code is analytics.js. Migrating to Google Analytics Universal Analytics is not a question of if but when.

Analytics Plugins

Scroll Depth - A Google Analytics plugin for measuring page scrolling Riveted - A Google Analytics plugin for measuring active time on site Screentime - Measure how much time things spend on-screen

New analytics platforms

Mixpanel | Mobile Analytics Keen IO - Analytics for Developers

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