GDPR Compliant Google Analytics on WordPress

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GDPR Compliant Google Analytics on WordPress

  1. Explain GTM4WP (why it is used at all)
  2. Explain how Real Cookie Banner is working with Google Tag Manager
  3. Offer much better solution

Ukoliko koristite Google Tag Manager (GTM) što i jeste preporučeno, morate da budete svesni sledećeg:

Prvo, da rasčistimo ovo: ako ne podesite pravilno Google Tag Manager da on sam učitava ili ne učitava odrežene JS skripte, sam GDPR plugin neće uraditi ama baš ništa. Naime, kada je GTM u upotrebi, Real Cookie Banner samo šalje “događaje” ka GTM a ovaj bi trebalo da u skladu sa tim

Cookie Concent is, to say the least, is not working at all:

  1. If you disable in GTM some service, it is still triggered on site, but why? The exact idea is to control everything with GTM and not on site.
  2. If you disable GTM it is still loaded, by GTM4WP plugin - duplicate implementation of the gtag.js snippet

Additional problems:

  1. no Dutch
  2. if no consent - complicated for every service - no need to go into such details
  3. with google tag manager, it is much simpler - via events
  4. steal descriptions from various plugins

How to set up Google Tag Manager?

Setup Google Tag Manager for WordPress (GTM4WP)

As described by the author you will have to either set the container placement option in plugin settings to “Off” and place the container code manually into your site

Google Tag Manager ID is not even needed there now.

About GTM snippet aka GTM container code

Google Tag Manager Container ID: GTM-TDGF45S Google Analytics Measurement ID: G-266432061 Google Ads Conversation Tracking ID: AW-746848958 LinkedIn Partner ID: 4113970 Microsoft Advertising Universal Event Tracking (UET) Tag ID: 250948868 Facebook Pixel ID: 526573804517504

Helpful for Claudius: Import this GTM For Wordpress (GTM4WP) Container int GTM

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