Wordpress Plugins: Redis Object Cache

Wordpress Plugins: Redis Object Cache

sudo apt-get install redis-server On other systems please refer to the Redis website.

You can install the pecl extension (faster)


apt-get -y install redis-server php-redis

Add these lines at the end of the file:
cat <<'EOF' >> /etc/redis/redis.conf

# Custom config
maxmemory 256mb
maxmemory-policy allkeys-lru

service redis restart

Configuring Redis as a cache

If you plan to use Redis just as a cache where every key will have an expire set, you may consider using the following configuration instead (assuming a max memory limit of 2 megabytes as an example):

In this configuration there is no need for the application to set a time to live for keys using the EXPIRE command (or equivalent) since all the keys will be evicted using an approximated LRU algorithm as long as we hit the 2 megabyte memory limit. Basically in this configuration Redis acts in a similar way to memcached. We have more extensive documentation about using Redis as an LRU cache.

Using Redis as an LRU cache – Redis

Redis Page Cache

Redis Page Cache sa repo na pressjitsu/pj-page-cache-red: Redis-backed full page caching plugin for WordPress je izgleda vrhunsko rešenje, u rangu nginx cache-a. Postoji i novi Cache Master plugin koji takođe podržava Redis.

How to speed up Wordpress with Redis Cache | SpeedyWordpress

date: 2023-08-10

Redis Page Cache - ima na drugim mestima

Podesi Redis Unix sockets jer je 80% brži: Redis Single Server Analyzer | Enlightn

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