Localized SERP

Localized SERP

Search Results / Simulate search from other country

Three Tools to Retrieve Location Based Searches at Google | Understanding Google My Business & Local Search

Pošalji tool Mikiju kako da proveri nas ranking za keyword, iz različitih zemalja

Google Official https://ads.google.com/anon/AdPreview https://www.ads.google.com/aw/diagnostic/AdPreview

Location Changer Malo su lošiji, ali ne moraš da si logovan. Bolje bi bilo da ih pokreneš u inkognito modu. https://valentin.app/ https://seranking.com/google-location-changer.html


How to Change Your Location for Local Search Results - The Always Up-To-Date Guide - Go Fish Digital

To add to that - this is one I’ve used in Chrome - requires the Lat/Long but can work.

  1. Enter your search in Google per usual
  2. From the SERP hit Ctrl+Shift+I (this opens Developer Tools)
  3. Make sure you have the “Console” tab visible (if not select the “Console” tab)
  4. Select the Emulation tab
  5. Select “Sensors” from the choices on the left
  6. Check the box next to “Emulate geolocation coordinates” and enter your coordinates
  7. Refresh the SERP page, re-enter your search, or search for other keywords

I use a pretty stable and bullet-proof technique to emulate the search from a location, which differs from the own.

This technique relates to the Google’s AdWords preview tool and is based on two search url parameters: tci=g and uule. This technique is well documented in this how-to: https://moz.com/ugc/geolocation-the-ultimate-tip-to-emulate-local-search

Beside of this how-to there is a script to generate base64-encripted uule parameters: https://github.com/512banque/uule-grabber

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