Basic about using buckets

scoop bucket known
scoop bucket add extras

Directory of all Scoop buckets: [scoop-directory](

Scoop problem with spaces in paths

Whenever you have a problem with scoop because of space in path, just install application in global scope, as that one doesn’t have spaces by default

Scoop Apps

Notable utilities/apps available via Scoop

Really useful small applications for Windows that can be also installed using scoop:

- git
- go
- nano
- sudo
- sed
- wget

- shutup10
  O&O ShutUp10 is free antispy tool for Windows 10

- ngrok
  Instant URL to your localhost server through NAT or firewall

- notepadplusplus
  Free source code editor and Notepad replacement

- wsltty (Not Working)
  Mintty as a terminal for WSL
- ccleaner
  Number-one tool for cleaning PC
- fork
  Best Git GUI client for Mac and Windows
- regeditor
  O&O RegEditor: Freeware for editing the Windows Registry 
- copyq
  Advanced clipboard manager with editing and scripting features
- qbittorrent / qbittorrent-portable
  Cross-platform free and open-source BitTorrent client
- powertoys
  Microsoft set of Power Toys
- calibre-normal
- whatsapp
  WhatsApp Desktop Client (no way to be in System Tray?)
  Nice photo editing application
- inkscape
  Great SVG editor
- patchcleaner
  Clean your windows/installer directory
- ridnacs
  Disk Space Usage Tool
- sumatrapdf
  Super-fast PDF Reader, but also great eBook reader for both ePub and Mobi format
- vncviewer
  VNC Viewer only, from RealVNC package
- dont-sleep
  App "Don't Sleep" to prevent Windows from going to sleep
- vscode
- sublime-merge
- sublime-text

- sharex
  Has everything! Screen capture for Windows, Linux & Mac

- brave
  Secure, Fast & Private Web Browser with Adblocker
- vivaldi
  An innovatively designed web browser

##### Non-essential applications

- registry-explorer
  Advanced Registry Hive Editor

## Additional buckets

- scoop bucket add java
  scoop install java/oraclejre8
  scoop install java/oraclejre8
  Universal Database Tool

We can install some package manually, without adding bucket. For example, in bucket Ash258/Scoop-Ash258 there is Docker recipe, that you can call exactly:

sudo scoop install

You must re-login for it to work properly.


Install latest winget from PowerShell

Huge problem is there is no ‘uninstall’ nor ‘update’ of packages.


# download latest version
$URL = ""
$URL = $(curl -s $URL | jq -r '.assets[] | select(.browser_download_url | contains(\".appxbundle\")) | .browser_download_url')
wget $URL -q --show-progress -O "Setup.appxbundle"

# install
Add-AppxPackage -Path "Setup.appxbundle"

# delete file
Remove-Item "Setup.appxbundle"
  • Winstall is innovative web app that creates a batch-installation command from Winget apps you selected, using intuitive UI. It is useful for automation of Windows setup.

It looks like Winget has finally got the uninstall functionality it deserves. It even supports a rudimentary “purge” for a portable app, at least that’s what it says. So to get rid of an app and its traces, just type winget uninstall --purge "<app-name>".

Small but Amazing Tools on Scoop

  • dundee/gdu
    is disk usage analyzer with console UI interface, like du but better. Install with scoop

  • muesli/duf
    show disk usage in command-line, just like df but better. On Windows, setup with scoop.

  • tbillington/kondo, unique and exceptional!
    is a command-line tool to save space by cleaning non-essential files from software projects. Amazing idea! Install with scoop.

  • Rclone or rclone/rclone as “rsync for cloud storage” is popular for a reason!
    can synchronize files between remote (FTP or any cloud provider) and local storage. Alternatives could be Syncthing, rsync.

Hybrid Tools

This is a new segment that somehow combines Scoop and Winget.

  • How to install PowerToys correctly? Strangely enough, like this: scoop install winget; winget install -e --id Microsoft.PowerToys

  • marticliment/WingetUI is a GUI for both Winget and Scoop, installable with scoop. I should note that it takes an abnormally long time to start up the first time, or every time it needs to refresh the app database.

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