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Hosting in Switzerland

Big Cloud Providers

It all started in March of 2019 when Google Cloud Platform first introduced new region in Zurich. Measure their ping speed with: GCP ping

Then, the others followed when in August 2019, Microsoft opened Azure in Switzerland, still without K8S nor managed SQL offer. As of August 2019, Oracle Cloud also has Zurich region Cloud Data Center Regions and Locations with support for K8s as introduced new region

AWS doesn’t offer anything in Sqitzerland.

Cloud Hosting (droplets, cloudlets)

Recommendation: Infomaniak (Jelastic)

Pricing Comparasion
Infomaniak Hidora Exoscale Hetzner
Country Switzerland Switzerland Switzerland Germany
Platform Jelastic Jelastic CloudStack
IPv4 3€/mo X€/mo 0€/mo 0€/mo

Hetzner vCPU ~ Xeon Skylake @ 2.10 GHz Jelastic CPU ~ Auto-scalable increment of 1 cloudlet = 400MHz 128MiB (Max 250 cloudlets = 96GHz)

Infomaniak Hidora Exoscale Hetzner Cloud
specs 6.4GHz, 2GB Jelastic 4.4GHz, 2GB 4.2GHz, 4GB
price 18€/mo Jelastic 19€/mo 4.9€/mo
Infomaniak Hidora Exoscale Hetzner Cloud Hetzner Root
specs 25.6GHz, 8GB Jelastic 8.8GHz, 8GB 8.4GHz, 16GB 13.6GHz, 64GB
price 66€/mo Jelastic 77€/mo 16€/mo 34€/mo

Dedicated hosting (root, unmanaged)

Recommendation: Infomaniak

Cloudscale based on OpenStack

Cloud Hosting

Country Cloud Provider
Greece MVPS
Spain UpCloud, MVPS
Sweden MVPS
Germany Vultr, UpCloud, Exoscale, MVPS
Switzerland Exoscale
Austria Exoscale
Netherlands Vultr, UpCloud, Scaleway, MVPS
France Scaleway, Vultr, MVPS
United Kingdom Vultr, UpCloud, MVPS
Poland UpCloud, Scaleway
Finland UpCloud
Bulgaria Exoscale
Kazakhstan Serverspace
Russia Serverspace

Interesting EU Cheap Cloud Providers:

  • Exoscale was Swiss company acquired by Telekom Austria in 2017. Infrastructure runs Apache CloudStack IaaS with hardware hosted by Equinix (source).

    Datacenter locations in Switzerland, Austria, Bulgaria, Germany

  • from Larnaca, Cyprus is interesting cloud provider because of it’s Greek, Spain and Sweden server locations

  • UpCloud if headquartered in Helsinki, Finland and have interesting datacenter locations in Spain (Madrid) and Poland (Warshaw)

  • Scaleway is French provider that just released their managed Kubernetes service (Kubernetes Kapsule) with datacenters in Paris, Amsterdam and Warsaw. Pricing is mostly on par with Hetzner Cloud.

  • Vultr has very interesting Asia and US location network

  • Linode is location-wise quite similar to Vultr

  • is interesting because it’s cheap (5€/mo), new (2021?) with interesting locations in Kazakhstan (Almaty) and Russia (Moscow). Has free DNS server, same as Digital Ocean.

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