Searching for best plugins

Searching for best plugins

Centralized plugin updates

Automatic update of plugins, also from private repositories: GitHub Updater.

I can use this to distribute updates of our private plugins to multiple sites, or to update heavily modified plugins that we use on multiple sites (WP All Import, etc).

There is also another perfect plugin: pdclark/github-plugin-search, but it seems unmaintained.

How to discover & find plugins?

Search for a “block plugin”:

# create a file needed
curl --globoff --silent "[browse]=blocks&request[page]=1&request[per_page]=400" | jq ".plugins[] | { name: .name, url: \"\\(.slug)/\", short: .short_description, description: .description }" >  
curl --globoff --silent "[browse]=blocks&request[page]=2&request[per_page]=400" | jq ".plugins[] | { name: .name, url: \"\\(.slug)/\", short: .short_description, description: .description }" >> wp-block-plugins.json

# case in-sensitive is more complicated and involves regular expression
cat wp-block-plugins.json | jq '. | select(.description | test("\\bFAQ\\b";"i")) |{ name: .name, short: .short, url: .url }'  
Plugin directories

Example: search for new blocks?

  • Google magic?
Find on Github?
Plugin Review sites:

Plugin: Plugin collections & bulk installation

Winner: WP Favs as it’s free and working somehow.

  • is the first service with it’s accompanying plugin. WPCore is very good, but has one problem: it’s not free at all. There is a limit of up to 2 collections and 18 plugins per collection.

  • WP Favs is much less popular and also has accompanying plugin After your first login, you will get another email with your new generated API Key that you can use along with the plugin, but API key is displayed all the time at this page. Whole administration is on Wordpress - not too professional. But it’s free.

Search Engines Source Code

searchcode | source code search engine on most repository platforms Search Engine for Source Code -

Similar: - Search The Web’s Source Code for Technologies

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