Self-hosted PaaS

Self-hosted PaaS

CapRover as amazing private PaaS

CapRover is perfect. I can’t find a problem with it, and people are also amazed: this is awesome!

There are alternatives, almost all mentioned in this article: Heroku vs self-hosted PaaS The most famous is Dokku; it doesn’t have GUI but it does accept Heroku buildpacks, and that should be good. Cloudron is not bad also, specifically backup feature, but it definitely is not free.

Woow: Great tool, alternative to ISPConfig: CapRover (ex CaptainDuckDuck) CapRover · Build your own PaaS in a few minutes!

similar are tools like: Dokku or Flynn( Dokku is single server and CapRover can form a cluster Try, minimalistic orchestration similar to Heroku or Dokku (but with a GUI). Can scale too with Docker Swarm. I’m using it and it’s a breeze, really happy with it. Previously I was using Rancher, but didn’t like the switch from Cattle to Kubernetes. one click SSL generation via Let’s Encrypt PAAS comparison - Dokku vs Flynn vs Deis vs Kubernetes vs Docker Swarm (2017) by Jan Carlo Viray · 08 Feb 2017

What are some open source Heroku alternatives? - Quora Nanobox Joins the DigitalOcean Family Apache Stratos has been retired.

A direktno na k8s kao Caprover je Kubeapps ili ChartMuseum - Helm Chart Repository ali za Helm je helm/monocular: Search and discovery UI for Helm Chart repositories

PaaS on top of k8s

Something like Jelastic on top of k8s.

  • Rio by Rancher is the MicroPaaS for Kubernetes
  • Nanobox now owned by Digital Ocean is NOT built on top of k8s
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