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How to play internet radio from URL on Google Home devices, via Home Assistant?

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News in Serbian Language

Any Serbian news available as radio or in podcast.

Radio Free Europe

Radio Free Europe / RFE / Radio Slobodna Evropa has no live radio but works perfectly as podcast. Notable shows are:

  • Jutarnji program za Srbiju (RSS feed) is available exactly at 09:30h
  • Srbija u dva (RSS feed) exactly at 14:00
    Google Assistant: play latest episode of podcast "Srbija u dva" on Google Podcast
  • Regionalni program: Aktuelno u 18 (RSS feed) is available at 18h


Sputnjik na srpskom has radio but not podcasts. On TuneIn it can be found as “Sputnik Serbian” and as such easily playable in Google Assistant with play "Sputnik Serbia" on TuneIn

I’ve discovered Sputnik Serbia’s direct streams at URL and alternative URL, but on Sputnik site there is different URL that I believe is the right one, that redirects to

News shows are scheduled at 13:30h and 19:00h afternoon, everyday.


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