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Ustvari izgleda ludilo za SEO: A ima $200 lifetime deal na

Ima nemački: To su švajcarci i radi na nemačkom! Odlično! Sigurno to rade dobro za nemački! Ima 3 dana besplatan trial pa PROBAJ OBAVEZNO!

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How’s everyone thought or review on SEO Beater? Is it good? Compared to the tools as NeuronWriter, Strell, WriterZen or Shopia, it has zero usefulness (for me). Currently, this is just a promise of a future tool.

Ladno koristi sve GPT - Are we getting the text-davinci-003?

A alternative su: (ima dosta toga besplatno i wordpress plugin)

Jebote: ovaj ima i srpski Katteb - Best AI Writer, Content Generation & Proofreading Tool

Vezano za AI SEO tekstove, na babiato preprodaju:

Ista firma:

Neuroflash is the best AI text generator for German texts: AI text generator for German and English marketing copy | neuroflash

8 Best Websites that Rewrite Sentences

Guidelines for rewriting text to sound perfect:

  1. Read the entire text first
  2. Remove any unnecessary words
  3. Replace as many words with synonyms and adjust the sentence structure if desired
  4. Change from passive to active voice
  5. Break up long sentences into shorter ones
  6. Check that the final result follows the desired tone such as friendly, formal, casual, and so on

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DeepL Write is an AI writing tool that improves written communication in both English and German. Not just grammar, it also offers suggestions to improve on phrasing, tone, style, and word choice. However, it is currently in the beta version. The best part is it is free and available for anyone to use.


It is like a search engine, You[dot]com which uses artificial intelligence and natural language. It summarizes the best parts of the internet for you, without ads and with great privacy. It is free and helps you find the most relevant results from the web and apps. Socratic

It is aimed at kids and helps users to complete homework. Socratic was built to support Science, Math, Literature, Social Studies, and more. Also, with help from teachers, Socratic brings you visual explanations of important concepts in each subject. Chinchilla

It offers a wide range of features and advantages over ChatGPT. It is a model by DeepMind, where researchers have proposed a new predicted compute-optimal model called Chinchilla that uses the same compute budget as Gopher but with 70 billion parameters and 4 times more data.

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