Improve WordPress Performance

Improve WordPress Performance

Prefetch plugin Quicklink for WordPress based on Google project. Optimize GA: How to prevent your analytics data from being blocked by ad blockers

Speed up WP: WP Speed Matters How to Choose a Fast Loading WordPress Theme

Improve Page Render Time with Critical Path CSS in WordPress How to Fix Flash of Invisible Text (FOIT) in WordPress How to Load Google Analytics 10x Faster in WordPress

Minimal Analytics Minimal Google Analytics Snippet | Minimal Analytics Self Host Google Analytics JavaScript: CAOS or WP Rocket

Some plugins on performance

Clearfy – WordPress optimization plugin and disable ultimate tweaker Asset CleanUp: Page Speed Booster

A few people complained that ‘Quicklink’ plugin crashed their servers. So I built a plugin from scratch to fix it Flying Pages

There is something new called Guess.js from Google it learns user behaviour and preloads accordingly. A: Yes, but it’s very hard to implement in WordPress

InstantPage preloads pages only on mouse hover, which is not efficient. “Flying Pages” preloads pages based on the viewport so that they must be ready even before mouse hover

Gijo Varghese: Improving TTFB with TLS 1.3 in WordPress WP Speed Matters


MySQL Performance: MySQL vs. MariaDB | Liquid Web MariaDB vs MySQL, a Database Technologies Rundown

Removing unused CSS with Purgecss/UnCSS - sage - Roots Discourse

How To Speed Up WordPress Page Loading Time | Marko Saric

Performance Profiler

Detect slow plugins

Tools You Need To Find Out What’s Slowing Down Your WordPress - WordPress Form Builder | Caldera Forms

WordPress Core Autoloader

Interesting speedup?

Load core WordPress core classes: sjinks/wp-class-autoloader

more: inpsyde/wordpress-core-autoloader: A proposal for a core WordPress autoloader module. Adding A Central Autoloader To WordPress - Alain Schlesser WordPress AutoLoader: Optimize the Performance of your WP - Web Dotz Using a class autoloader to improve WordPress development tommcfarlin/simple-autoloader-for-wordpress

Here it is!

szepeviktor/wordpress-autoloaded: % Faster WordPress without unconditional class loading + Composer szepeviktor/composer-managed-wordpress: Install and manage WordPress with Composer


WPTT/autoload: Basic PSR-4 autoloader for themes.

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