Basic about using buckets

scoop bucket known
scoop bucket add extras

Directory of all Scoop buckets: [scoop-directory](

Scoop problem with spaces in paths

Whenever you have a problem with scoop because of space in path, just install application in global scope, as that one doesn’t have spaces by default

Scoop Apps

Notable utilities/apps available via Scoop

Really useful small applications for Windows that can be also installed using scoop:

- git
- go
- nano
- sudo
- sed
- wget

- shutup10
  O&O ShutUp10 is free antispy tool for Windows 10

- ngrok
  Instant URL to your localhost server through NAT or firewall

- notepadplusplus
  Free source code editor and Notepad replacement

- wsltty (Not Working)
  Mintty as a terminal for WSL
- ccleaner
  Number-one tool for cleaning PC
- fork
  Best Git GUI client for Mac and Windows
- regeditor
  O&O RegEditor: Freeware for editing the Windows Registry 
- copyq
  Advanced clipboard manager with editing and scripting features
- qbittorrent / qbittorrent-portable
  Cross-platform free and open-source BitTorrent client
- powertoys
  Microsoft set of Power Toys
- calibre-normal
- whatsapp
  WhatsApp Desktop Client (no way to be in System Tray?)
  Nice photo editing application
- inkscape
  Great SVG editor
- patchcleaner
  Clean your windows/installer directory
- ridnacs
  Disk Space Usage Tool
- sumatrapdf
  Super-fast PDF Reader, but also great eBook reader for both ePub and Mobi format
- vncviewer
  VNC Viewer only, from RealVNC package
- dont-sleep
  App "Don't Sleep" to prevent Windows from going to sleep
- vscode
- sublime-merge
- sublime-text

- sharex
  Has everything! Screen capture for Windows, Linux & Mac

- brave
  Secure, Fast & Private Web Browser with Adblocker
- vivaldi
  An innovatively designed web browser

##### Non-essential applications

- registry-explorer
  Advanced Registry Hive Editor

## Additional buckets

- scoop bucket add java
  scoop install java/oraclejre8
  scoop install java/oraclejre8
  Universal Database Tool

We can install some package manually, without adding bucket. For example, in bucket Ash258/Scoop-Ash258 there is Docker recipe, that you can call exactly:

sudo scoop install

You must re-login for it to work properly.


Install latest winget from PowerShell

Huge problem is there is no ‘uninstall’ nor ‘update’ of packages.


# download latest version
$URL = ""
$URL = $(curl -s $URL | jq -r '.assets[] | select(.browser_download_url | contains(\".appxbundle\")) | .browser_download_url')
wget $URL -q --show-progress -O "Setup.appxbundle"

# install
Add-AppxPackage -Path "Setup.appxbundle"

# delete file
Remove-Item "Setup.appxbundle"

Interesting web page to automate: GUI for Windows Package Manager

Small but Amazing tools on scoop

  • dundee/gdu
    is disk usage analyzer with console UI interface, like du but better. Install with scoop

  • muesli/duf
    show disk usage in command-line, just like df but better. On Windows, setup with scoop.

  • tbillington/kondo, unique and exceptional!
    is a command-line tool to save space by cleaning non-essential files from software projects. Amazing idea! Install with scoop.

  • Rclone or rclone/rclone as “rsync for cloud storage” is popular for a reason!
    can synchronize files between remote (FTP or any cloud provider) and local storage. Alternatives could be Syncthing, rsync.

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