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Better markdown editors

Woow, simply woow: Wiki.js | A modern open-source Wiki software

Docker - Wiki.js

MarkdownPad - The Markdown Editor for Windows

Also interesting: Matterwiki - A simple and beautiful wiki for teams

Better notes App

AlephNote QOwnNotes - cross-platform open source plain-text file notepad

Example sub page

A Comparison & Review of Note Taking Applications

Polynote | Collaborative note-taking app Standard Notes | A Simple And Private Notes App

Google Keep has new features. Get to know them fast

QQwnNotes importuje Evernote! A posle sam ustanovio da VSCODe i Atom imaju preview, pa su oni logičnijij.

Open source:

Leanote looks awesome but not sure how much is is developed anymore. I like the because it’s golang+mongodb. Works “paste image” on their server and overall: quite nice.

Turtl is similar, only actively developed.

Imgur: As long as images are getting at least 1 view every 6 months, they will stick around forever. After that, your image may be removed to create more space for newer images.

Better research:

nije loš… Fresboard Weava: Organize your Research. PowerNotes

Start planning your next creative project in Milanote.

StoriesOnBoard - User Story Mapping Tool for Agile Product Management Notion – The all-in-one workspace for your notes, tasks, wikis, and databases.

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