Block Collections

Block Collections

The best library without question is: Gutenberghub Template Library and it is not even a plugin but Chrome extension .

Single Purpose Blocks

FAQ aka Accordion, CSS Only



  • Simple Block Gallery is CSS only, contains both slider and masonry, and I respect an author with a minimalistic attitude
  • Image gallery WP Block Gallery by GoDaddy, but there are lot of other plugins for this also. DEPRECATED as of 2020 in favor of the gallery blocks within CoBlocks
  • SimpLy Gallery Blocks

CSS-only Carousel Slider

Technique is using CSS Scroll Snap to achieve Javascript-like effect.

Plugins for Wordpress

Nice, not amazing: Genesis Blocks

Responsive Gutenberg Blocks Library

Paid: Block Styles for WordPress - BlockStyles


About performance: GenerateBlocks loads only CSS conditionally based upon the blocks present on the page.

  • Extendify is pattern collection made only from core-blocks Core Gutenberg blocks Get beautiful patterns and layouts without the added maintenance of third-party blocks or block collections, as our Gutenberg block patterns are made with core WordPress blocks whenever possible.

Greenshift, neverovatan plugin

ustvati odličan video blok i baš animirani blokovi

a i ostali blokovi izgledaju odlično, imaju odličan icon block, svi blokovi su linkabilni, imaju blokove koji prate klasičnu CSS strukturu, itd Ali su sve to baš samo njihovi blokovi

Ustvari, LUDILO mi je dobar plugin! Ludilo! Njihov baš dobar tekst: Quick tip on how to make extremely heavily animated pages with 100 scores on web vitals - Greenshift I loaduje sve po bloku, SAMO kada mu je neophodno

Uporedio sam njihov video block i bukvalno je isti kao moj po brzini, a ima milion podešavanja preko mog. Implementiraj plugin koji lepo sakriva menije a zatim sakriva i plugin od svih koji nisu TI. Neću da se igde to vidi.

Ima neka ludila! Figma styles to Attribute conversions Ma ludilo - SVE mi treba!

to i kaže na home strani: No global files Greenshift doesn’t load anything on your pages which you don’t use on page. Each block has independent assets

Wp Rocket is premium plugin, but the same option is available in free plugins. For example, Flying Scripts (which can be also useful to delay Analytics and other external plugins)

Again, it’s important to have simple first screen on mobiles to make this helpful. Also, if you check Excluded option, we added aoslight.js there. It’s because we still want to use some animations before scripts execution. Latest Greenshift version has very small animation script, just 0.4kb so you can use Animation panel in blocks without affecting page speed (but don’t enable gsap library in such top screen animations).

Blockpress je tema koju je Greenshift autor nekada razvijao

Hi. Blockpress is not our theme. We decided to concentrate on plugin. But it’s theme of my friend so we will keep maximum compatibility with theme, maximum integration and we can recommend it if you know how to use FSE themes.

Currently we will keep using BlockPress especially in fact that it’s totally free and will be free. To be true, we made first release of Blockpress, but WordPress review team has so much nonsense rules, then we decided to give rights of theme to another developer, so, currently he will continue to develop theme and we will concentrate on plugins.

Also, WordPress is moving to block paradigm, themes will be just to set look of system elements like forms and buttons, all other things will be made with plugins

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