Wordpress DB Abstraction

Wordpress DB Abstraction

As a need to flatten database schema or completely replace meta table with NoSQL solution.

  • Next Level Cache
    The only database replacement plugin that speeds up execution and it is still maintained. Installed as a “drop-in” it overrides the class that controls access to the database. Next Level Cache intercepts queries and selectively caches them.

    Where does Next Level Cache store it’s data? The cache is stored in the wp_options table and is loaded upfront with one large query instead of many small ones.

  • WP DB Driver

  • SQLite Integration is also PDO integration

  • ProjectNami is mostly WordPress powered by Microsoft SQL, built mostly for SQL Azure. Very is also interesting but it seems it is a complete rewrite of code.

  • WP DB Abstraction is PDO oriented, but unmaintained.

  • PDO (SQLite) For WordPress is also unmaintained and probably an ancestor of SQLite Integration plugin.

What about NoSQL (Mongo)?

The only real effort was just mentioned here with references to this virtimus/mysql2mongo.

There once existed Mongopress but it was long abandoned.

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