Time Tracking

Time Tracking

Toggl has very nice support for teams, free for up to 5 users. I am writing down a couple of tricks:

  • There is an Activity info in a Team Dashboard, where are active users marked in white, and recent active users in gray.

  • Toggl Desktop application supports activity tracking. It is totally private function, and is saved only for last 9 days. You can see your results by following this post.


This is really a great idea: Screenshot Monitor as a tool for online employee monitoring and time tracking (remote screenshot).

Very similar is Hubstaff as Time Tracking Software with Screenshots and Activity Levels, but it has very nice Trello integration. It is so good, it is scary!

Similar is Worksnaps also.

There are also a couple of very nice tools: Everhour, Harvest, etc.

There is also the list of time tracking solutions for Trello.

I specially like the Pomodoro Timer for Trello.

Lastest discoveries:

  • Self-hosted open-source and quite capable is Kimai. Has Chrome & Android apps. It has really evolved to usable product, especially if self-hosted is really needed.
  • Clockify is really, really free forever. Paying options are non-essential, and are really cheap. Great integration with all the web tools + Android app. Everything that Toggl was before they started to get more expensive.

At this time in 2019, my selection is Clockify, and not Toggl anymore.

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