Plugins: Titles Hyphenation

Plugins: Titles Hyphenation

We all know about HTML non-breaking space “ ” space character, that prevents an automatic line break at its position.

About soft-hyphens

Why “­” is favorite and better than “­” or “”? Because, Google treats words with “­” like one word, as it should, unlike with “­”

Source: Soft hyphen in HTML

Hyphenation in PHP and WordPress

WordPress tip: Headings with hyphenation and breaking points

I believe it is properly displayed when used in titles as read here: Soft Hyphen in Page Title

We can also code it to be inserted automaticaly using:

Amazing plugin for Wordpress joppuyo/syllable-hyphenator: Server-side hyphenation for WordPress with Syllable library. that uses PHP library vanderlee/phpSyllable which supports almost any language including Serbian in both Cyrillic and Latin script: languages in TeX hyphenation patterns

There is even more comprehensive plugin using same library is wp-Typography plus much more.

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