CSS » Naming HTML Page Elements

CSS » Naming HTML Page Elements

How to name page elements

  1. Headline | Splash, Banner, Title, Hammer Head, Header
  2. Kicker | Overline, Eyebrow
  3. Heading
  4. Drophead | Extended Headline
  5. Deck | Standfirst, Summary Deck, Lead
  6. Subhead | Subhed, Subtitle, Subheading, Mini-headings, Sub-headline
  7. Body | Copy, Article, Body Copy
  8. Jumpline
  9. Folio

Headline | Splash, Title, Banner, Header, Head Lines

A headline is a heading or title of an article - the big words at the top of a newspaper. The word “headline” is only mostly with newspapers - it is the title of the story.

Kicker | Overline, Eyebrow, not: Tagline

A visual signpost that helps a reader assess an article before committing to reading the whole thing. It gives a small hint as to what is to come or helps identify the type of article readers are about to read.

Kicker as Overline - other terms for a kicker are overline, running section head and eyebrow. Kicker is sometimes erroneously used as a substitute term for a deck.

Not exactly a logo tagline as tagline is a short memorable description that succinctly and clearly communicates the brand message.


The title or topic of a document, article, chapter, or of a section thereof.

Drophead | Extended Headline, Strapline, Reverse Shoulder

A secondary headline that provides additional information about the story. Strapline is a headline written beneath the main headline.

Elements of a newspaper What are the elements of a newspaper?

Deck | Standfirst, Summary Deck, not: Lead

An article deck is a short summary of the article accompanied by the headline. The one or two-sentence introduction that appears beneath the headline and before the article.

Not exactly a Lead: it briefly gives the most important information. Lead is the first paragraph of a news report

Where Is the Deck in Page Layout?

Subhead | Subhed, Subtitle, Subheading, Mini-headings, Sub-headline

Subheadings serve as mini-headlines that break up the article into digestible sections for the reader.

Subhead is one or two word headline inserted at the head of a paragraph to break the monotony of a solid column of type.

Body | Copy, Article, Body Copy

Jumpline | Jump, Continuation line

The jump line is used to inform the reader where he can find the rest of the story.


A folio in a newspaper or magazine is the name of the publication, the date and the page number, usually appearing at the top or bottom of most pages.

What’s in a folio line?

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