Plugin: Multilanguage

Plugin: Multilanguage

We usually refer here to translating content, not translating themes or plugins.

Leading multilingual and translation plugins for WordPress are qTranslate and WPML. qTranslate is also free, but is now (Jan 2014) considered an abandoned plugin. Luckily, there is a great fork of qTranslate called qTranslate X.

  • qTranslate X qTranslate-X explained Integrated plugins

    Do not that qTranslate works on concept of multilingual field as opossed of concept of separate page or even domain (Polylang, WPML).

  • WPGlobus

  • WPML is compatible with plugins like W3 Total Cache and WooCommerce.

  • There is also a free, easy to use, and very light-weight plugin called Polylang. Problem is - it is still (autumn 2015) not working with Woocommerce, but there are some helping extension plugins.

I can also consider to create a separate website for each language you want to offer your visitors which are tied together in a multisite installation. And for that, use plugin Multilingual Press.


  • Multilanguage WordPress Plugin

  • Bogo is a plugin from the maker of Contact Form 7. It is simply beautiful and simple, both for Admin language and frontend language. Problem is - as Admin Language only, it is simply too much. And as multilingual - I think it’s perfect. It is very well coded.


Best WordPress Multilingual Plugins Multilingual WordPress

Best Translation Plugins How to Create a Multilingual WordPress Site

Plugin: Admin Language Only

My selection is English WordPress Admin and Bogo as an more potent alternative.

  • English WordPress Admin
    was my first pick in the past. To work properly, for all the pages, it must be installed as mu-plugin. Also, on purpose, Settings > General page is not translated as it is white-listed from translation.

  • WP Native Dashboard
    is not maintained well enough. It’s working, but with problems. Design-wise, based on screenshots, seems too much “old-school” for me.

  • User Language Switch

Multisite Language Switcher Multilingual Press


WPML Gotchas on Security Restrictions

WPML needs exec() function enabled as it uses Snoopy PHP library which when URL is HTTPS uses exec() to call /usr/bin/curl on Linux and uses is_executable to check for it. This fails when open_basedir restrictions are in effect, and/or shell functions have been disabled.

Is WPML (domain) compatible with NGINX?


Q: What is WPML Multilingual Text Widget? A: WPML added a new text widget, which is similar to the standard WordPress Text widget. WPML widget performs better on multilingual sites - it tells WPML the ID of the widget and so is easier to translate. Otherwise, they’re the same thing.

WPML Setup Guide - Senlin Online

Wplang - WordPress Localization and Internationalization Resources

suppress_filters problem

Fix: WPML for WordPress causes theme to show multiple languages at the same time suppress_filters | Tip: get_posts will suppress_filters by default – Konstantin Kovshenin Debugging Theme Compatibility - WPML

WPML Translating Page Slugs - Enabling Custom-Post-Type Name Localization in WPML

Language Configuration Files - WPML

WPML speed optimization in admin

Disable automated version checks for WPML plugins. Add the following line to your wp-config.php file:

/* Disable WPML automated version checks */

WPML problems and fixes

It says WPML and W3TC work together, but in all the comments, everyone said domain per language did not work. It looks like no one from WPML ever responded saying that domain per language NOW worked with W3TC.

WPML with W3 Total Cache - WPML WPML with W3TC for Fast and Efficient Multilingual Websites - WPML

State of 2019

There are now really only two plugins to consider when creating a multilingual WordPress website, and those are WPML and Polylang. Concidering how shitty WPML is, the only one left is Polylang.

Some new plugins:

  • TranslatePress has interesting translation mode + native Gutenberg support + out of the box WooCommerce compatibility. What I like is Google Translate API Integration and gettext support
  • Weglot is trying to earn as much as they can.

Translation plugin

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