Fiber & Optical Demystified

Fiber & Optical Demystified

Optička oprema


2 x LevelOne IFE-0501, 4-Port PoE + 1-Port SC Multi-mode

SC connector
Industrial Fast Ethernet Switch

SPF cards / GBIC

2 x SFP modul Single-mode, SX conector

JDS Uniphase (
SFP Optical Transceiver GBIC
Fiber connector type: 1000Base-SX
Model: 200/100-M5/M6-SN-I
JSH-21S3AA1 / JSH-21S3AA2
PN: 64P0205 / 64P0314

Connectors: SC na uređaju, X na patch panelu Patch cable: Single-mode SC to X

Fiber segment using multi-mode connector type must use

What is SPF?

Small form-factor pluggable (SFP) also called Mini-GBIC.

Small form-factor pluggable transceiver

How to recognize fiber cable?

  • by diameter?
    Multi mode: 50/125μm ~ 62.5/125μm
    Single mode: 9/125μm

  • by color?
    Single-mode: cable color is usually yellow, and connector is blue

  • different range
    Usually, applications are ~2km for multi-mode, ~30km for single-mode.

  • 1000Base-SX is : multi-mode fiber cable caonnector

  • 1000Base-LX is : single-mode fibre

Kablovi sa slikama

Fiber optic connector types?

FC connector is smaller compared to the SC. SC has two voids (void = vođica) and two hooks to connect in connector. FC has one.

  • Duplex-connectors are just two simplex connectors together. Can be FC or SC.

Fiber Optic Connectors Gigabit Ethernet

sg-sca konektor

sca konektor

Kabl je x: singlemode


SC is a snap-in connector also with a 2.5 mm ferrule that is widely used for it’s excellent performance. It was the connector standardized in TIA-568-A, but was not widely used at first because it was twice as expensive as a ST. Now it’s only a bit more expensive and much more common It’s a snap-in connector that latches with a simple push-pull motion. It is also available in a duplex configuration.

Fiber Cable Type

Multimode or singlemode.

Fiber Connector Type



How to recognize if cable is multimode or singlemode?


Optical cables

Kabl je definitivno Single Mode Fiber G652D

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