Modern WordPress Dev Environment

Modern WordPress Dev Environment

Available Automated Options

Developing inside WSL2 or Linux

Classic Windows Stacks

Docker Based Stacks

The only nice solution which I am happy with and I recommend is to install everything on WSL2

Probably will need something like docker-sync

In order of quality…

  • Devilbox | multi-OS; essentially one big nice Dockerfile;
    I like its “docker-compose” approach and syntax; Running on all major platforms (WSL2, macOS & Linux); vhosts, SSL certificates and DNS records are created automatically;
  • Amazing idea is | Docker generator for PHP;
    almost the same as doing it manually; just create public/index.php and do a docker-compose up -d. Configure ports as wanted.
  • Lando | multi-OS
    Very solid and mature but I prefer Devilbox’s docs and syntax
    WordPress on Lando
  • Laradock | No straightforward WordPress recipe out of the box
    PHP focused development environment based on Docker with extensive list of services. Maybe a little bloated because of this but amazing as a reference for Dockerfiles for the various services you might need.
  • DDEV | multi-OS
    Example Setup Using Bedrock
  • Docksal; multi-OS Instant boilerplates for WordPress, Hugo, GatsbyJS, etc
  • DECK (formerly Dockerstacks); free for personal use.
    Automatic HTTPS achieved via dedicated domain; Under the hood, DECK sits on top Laradock and Docker
Probably Abandoned

Optimized especially for WordPress

Notable Mentions


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