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[www.aerohive.com/pdfs/Aerohive-Whitepaper-Hi-Density Principles.pdf](http://www.aerohive.com/pdfs/Aerohive-Whitepaper-Hi-Density Principles.pdf) http://c541678.r78.cf2.rackcdn.com/appnotes/bpg-highdensity.pdf www.arubanetworks.com/wp-content/uploads/DG_HighDensity_VRD.pdf

Yes, you should make them all the SAME SSID! That is correct! However, you should alternate channels 1,6,11 to reduce interference. Same SSID does not cause interference. Using the same channel to close together does. So, alternate channels if you can.

Also, you should implement WDS so that clients can actually roam around the neighborhood while connected without dropping out as they move from AP to AP. This is optional, as most people stay in one place while using their laptops… and the dropout is only minor while switching from AP to AP without WDS.

You can use WDS with dual radios… you can even use WDS over CAT5 to join wireless radios. It doesn’t have to be a single radio. It can, but it cuts the bandwidth in half. WDS is great! It keeps the mac-addresses known throughout the system so arp and such isn’t a problem when you move from one AP to the next.

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Problem je što današnji korisnici imaju po default-u podešeno da čim uđu u neku WiFi mrežu, da im telefoni rade automatski app update ili na primer auto picture upload.

Zato će sistem biti maksimalno zagušen, čak da korisnici i ništa ne rade.

Naravno, mi možemo sad da diskutujemo da li je potrebno toliko AP-ova. Ja mislim da bi 6 ili čak i 5 komada “odradilo” posao, ali pošto iz iskustva znam da često dođe do “last minute” izmena, ipak mislim da uzmemo 7 AP-a. Pa ako neko smisli nešto tipa “treba mi internet na stepenicama”, moći ćemo tu da stavimo jedan od nabavljenih AP-ova.

Ne znači nam ništa oprema od 5GHz (dual-band), jer većina klijenata - telefona, tableta i laptopova, podržava samo standardni 2.4GHz.

  • … I have seen as many as 85 on a single AP and it was still running okay. Not super fast, but it worked.

  • … on my last conference I managed to have 60-70 clients per AP, but most clients were rather quiet most of the time

  • … we have 2 outdoor UniFi’s on a condo pool deck and we’re seeing 60-90 users (mostly IPhones) on each AP and I’m able to sit in the middle of the thick and watch my You Tube just fine. Go figure.

  • … we are up to 86 users right now. And one of my techs is camping at the fair and reported she is netflixing without any issue….

  • … it’s not unusual to have over 100 users connected to a single Outdoor UniFi and we have had zero performance issues. I was on one of the decks a few weeks ago when over 250 users were connected to 2 AP’s.

  • … the most amazing part to me is how much data little hand held devices are chewing up. See this screen capture. How on earth do you chew threw 4Gigabytes in an hour on a iPhone???

  • … The Ubiquiti RocketM2s do what standard 802.11 does. (30 ish clients). Somehow UniFi worked strong past that point all week. It wasn’t a one time fluke.

  • The answer is probably 1020 as it is with most other Linux AP. It is pointless though to squeeze in more than 15 active clients on one AP. I mean 1020 as in onethousandtwenty. Nobody will ever come out on the net but they are connected.

  • Regarding “UniFi AP-Outdoor” - in my setup are typical 25 users per AP.

  • I would say 30 active users… I have had close to 50 on one PRO… but less than half were active. I would feel comfortable to have 30 full time users on a pro.

  • I have great results with 30-40 max client load per radio. In my experience 1/3 of the clients will be people’s smart phones; 1/3 will be people doing low bandwidth activities such as email, general web browsing, etc; and the last 1/3rd will be pushing heavy traffic such as streaming video.

  • We have 30 guys on a single AP

  • We’ve been using the UniFi APs in 2 of our locations for the last year, one with about 50 people on them, the other with about 20, with no issues.

  • One of the “gotchas” I’ve run into is with laptops. When it gets up to around 25 devices connecting to one AP (these were all 802.11n) and actively using it, you get drop-offs and slow-downs. Easily solved with another AP.

  • Since Unifi AP’s are not dual radio they can only support about 30 concurrent connections.

  • All that being said, all 42 devices logged on in under 60 seconds and happily streamed hi-def video to them all.

  • We have some wap54g and they are not in the same league as unifi. We struggle to get more than 15 laptops on the linksys, but the unifi will stand up to 40,

The thing that locked it for me was the AP roaming, which is what our warehouse scanner guns required to function.

In the controller you can set the maximum number of clients per station (Settings->System->Load Balancing). Clients over the limit you set there get refused connection and look for the next strongest signal.

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Transmit power? Low or High?

  • Depending on the proximity of the classrooms, you would likely turn the transmit power to Low.

  • In my set up I have 2 APs located close to each other on seperate channels.

  • Remember to tune the power on the two close units down to low to get effective auto load balancing and device AP selection and hopping.

  • We have 3 AP’s in one room which are set on a low power setting but auto channel and I often find that they have all switched channels between themselves overnight.

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Management software

The management software is only needed to configure them and get statistics. unless you run with guest services you can turn if off when you don’t need it.

Experience with Ubiquiti UniFi?


They ship with a 24v PoE adapter which requires a wall outlet.

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DHCP lease time?

30 Minutes


  • We’re talking under £4000 to do whole site with Unifi. In comparison to £30k ish for Cisco and £50k+ for the likes of Meru.

Enterprise (Expensive) vendors

Companies: Meru, Ruckus, Xirrus, Aruba, Cisco / Cisco-Meraki, Juniper

Aerohive Networks

If you’re stuck supporting 2.4GHz-only devices with single-band-at-a-time APs, be careful of your channel selection. In the 2.4GHz band, the channels overlap to a great degree. However, channels 1, 6, and 11 don’t overlap at all, so those are good choices to pick manually. You could use a Wi-Fi network scanner like inSSIDer, NetStumbler, iStumbler, many “war driving” tools, etc. to see which channels are in use by other APs visible from where you are. If you suspect you have non-802.11 2.4GHz interferers in your area, such as Bluetooth, microwave ovens, and many (but not all) cordless phones, baby monitors, wireless webcams, and wireless room-to-room A/V senders, you could go all-out and get a spectrum analyzer like a Metageek Wi-Spy to find which channels are the least noisy where you are.

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