Gutenberg Resources

Gutenberg Resources

Everything found below is mentioned in this resource: 98 Plugins for the new WordPress Block editor

Preview & share blocks / Block templates:

Customization plugins:

  • Blocks CSS by ThemeIsle is adding not just a CSS class, but any CSS. Changes are immediately visible in editor backend. This one is recommended as it is also used for some block collections.

  • Blocks Animation by ThemeIsle will add an animation capability to any block so you could need “group” block to animate couple of blocks together. Animated Blocks by Virgiliu Diaconu and Animation Block are already “wrapper” blocks. Also Animate Blocks based on AOS. There is also paid plugin: Scroll Magic

  • Blocks Export Import by ThemeIsle

  • Additional design, style and CSS for ANY Gutenberg Block by StylistWP

  • EditorsKit plugin has Export/Import functionality and other improvements.

Block Collections:

The best library without question is: Gutenberghub Template Library and it is not even a plugin but Chrome extension .

Single Purpose Blocks:



Gallery block:

Useful plugins:

Other resources:

Gutenberg Blocks / Creating and customizing


Gutenberg Development

barryceelen/wp-gutenberg-hot-module-replacement: An example plugin demonstrating how to use React’s hot module replacement while developing a Gutenberg block. Creating a Custom Block Type for WordPress Gutenberg Editor | Stampede

Manual Blocks Development with React

Build a Block Series is presented by Marcus Kazmierczak, engineering team lead working at Automattic mostly on Gutenberg for WordPress. Video playlist is here

Full Site Editing: Block Based Themes

The most basic video introduction on Block Based Themes Development Video explanations on Block Theme from Core Team Lead

Gutenberg Experience


Minimum boilerplate code for a block-based theme: theme-experiments/emptytheme Check: block-templates and block-template-parts

Template Parts

johnbillion/extended-template-parts: A library provides extended functionality to WordPress template parts, including template variables and caching.

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