Plugin: Database Search & Replace

Plugin: Database Search & Replace

Extremly detailed article on manually searching and replacing.

I have used a PHP command line script called Search-Replace-DB, and I am very satisfied. Read about it here.

This is how you install it:

cd /var/www/vhosts/
unzip && rm && mv Search-Replace-DB-master srdb
chmod a+x srdb/srdb.cli.php

And use it later:

cd /var/www/vhosts/
srdb/srdb.cli.php --dry-run -h localhost -u hostingtipp-ch -p "S06d7#mw" -n hostingtipp-ch -s "" -r "/wp-content/"

Sometimes I need to do a lot of replacement, so a nicer way is needed, as a Wordpress plugin. So decided to do a research on this.

The same script, converted to a plugin, is found under the name Better Search Replace *. Read more details about it here.

Very flexible is Search Regex, but it doesn’t search in wp_options table and probably not in any unknown plugin table, because it does not support serialized data.

Note: This is almost perfect plugin. Just read more here

The most famous one is Search and Replace but it’s incredible how shitty it is.


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