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Round the World Quest -

CNN Quest


AirTreks Travel News - News and Information From Your Experts In Around The World TravelAirTreks Travel News | News and Information From Your Experts In Around The World Travel

How Much Do Around the World Tickets Cost?

Best Travel Websites Every Traveler Should Know About (and use)AirTreks Travel News

When to buy / Flight Schedules

Definitive answer:

When Should You Buy Your Airline Ticket? Here’s What Our Data Has To Say | CheapAir When To Ignore Our Advice And Book Your Flight As Early As Possible | CheapAir map6-e1392752411679.jpg (500×340) Planning an Award Ticket a Year Out? Here’s When Airlines Load Their Schedules - View from the Wing

180 days (6 months) to 30 days in advance.

Local flights: 1-4 months International flights: around 5-6 months

In general: 6 to 1 month.

On most airlines, flights open up for sale 331 days in advance. That is the earliest you can book a flight – about 11 months in advance. Flight logging, mapping, stats and sharing QuickTrip - Flight Search Results

Unlike other airlines which usually open their schedule ~11 to 12 months in advance, Southwest opens their schedule ~6 to 8 months in advance.

Around the world

Round-The-World Travel Guide

The “right” direction …. to travel around the world

Answer: east to west

Going east or west - There are some differences worth considering | Round The World Ticket


The In-Depth Guide to Buying an RTW Ticket

Around-the-World Tickets and Fares |

One Mile at a Time - TIPS, TRICKS, AND TRAVEL WITH LUCKY High Mileage – Low Cost? Round-the-world with (mostly) budget airlines

STA Travel great for students but for everyone else, I go with AirTreks.

Custom Travel and Discount flights Around the World


Odeća za putovanje :)

Prsluk: multi pocket vest, Multi-Tasche Weste, Multi-Pocket Utility Vest Waistcoat Gilet Pantalone: cargo hosen herren

  1. Destination

  2. Belgrade - London Luton: Wizz (55€/person one-way, have screenshot)

  3. London - New York: Norvegian (20. june, 284.90€/person)

  4. New York - San Francisco:

  5. Dubai - Budapest: Wizz (1. aug, 109.99€/person)

Booking Sites in Asia:

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