Speaker Systems

Speaker Systems

Determine speaker polarity

Color coding: red ( + ) / black ( - )

To be clear: it’s not dangerous if you connect the speakers the wrong way, it just makes it sound poor because the signals are out of phase.

If one of these connections is reversed (ie. positive to negative instead of positive to positive) the speakers are ‘out of phase’, which can cause serious sound quality problems. It won’t damage any components, but you can probably hear the difference.


Generally, the center pin is positive, and the outer shell of an RCA connector is negative.

Manual detection

Another way to check is to connect up the cable to your speaker but not to the amp. On the other end put a small battery across the exposed ends of the cable, the + terminal of the battery on one wire and the - terminal of the battery on the other wire. If the speaker cone pops out when you do this then the one you have the + battery terminal on is indeed the + wire. If the speaker cone pops in, then the one you have the + terminal of the battery on is the - wire.

Only use a small battery, ie 1.5v, and only do it for a second, to see the cone move, or you could damage your speaker.

How To Check Speaker Polarity

Mixing speaker brands

The fronts and center really should be as close as possible since the often are re-producing the same sounds. This is particularly important for vocals which might sound different with speakers from different speaker brands.

Choosing and placing speakers

Choosing Speakers for Home Theater

About my Logitech G51

You can just buy the drivers. Logitechs’ drivers are commonly made by TangBand. In G51, the drivers are probably 2-inch fullrange driver.

One of the way to fix your speakers is to get a pair of 2" tangband full range driver, ~10W at 4 ohms, and connect them in series (to get the 20W @8ohms) to replace your failing satellites. example: http://www.tb-speaker.com/detail/1230_04/w2-835sl.htm but the problem is they can be expensive and thus not worth the investment.

Around $17 per driver.

Logitech G51 Speaker parts spécification


Sound speaker system / postavka zvučnika

  • We have put downward firing subs in a LOT of cabinets. We always find the buzz and eliminate it. And we always make sure it is vented out the front kickplate. It never sounds as nice as a sub out in the room, but 90% of our clients want them in the cabinet.

  • The key however, is to cut out the bottom of the cabinet (as you already plan on doing), or you will establish a very boomy resonance with the cabinet. You will be just fine. We place subwoofers inside of cabinets in multi-purpose rooms ALL the time.

  • The placement in the room is by far the most important factor. Normally, subwoofers play loud in a corner or against the walls. The worst position for a sub is in the middle of the room. There are scientific reasons for these.

How to Set up a 5.1 Speaker System The Cabinet & the Subwoofer GoodSound! “How To” Archives

How to Correctly Place Stereo Speakers

  • Obavezno kupi kablove za zvučnike, licnaste, prečnika 2 x 2.5mm. Kod amerikanaca se kaže 12 gauges (12 AWG), što je promer od 2mm.

yst fsw050 review - Google Search Choosing Speakers for Home Theater Speaker Placement for Home Theater Getting started - Installing In-wall, In-ceiling, and On-wall Speakers Every Room Reserves Great Sound

Gledam koliko bi koštao novi 5.1 sistem za stan, da kupim možda kad budem išao na skijanje.

Mora da ima “downfiring” subwoofer, i da izmerim dimenzije pre nego što napravim ormar.

S-22W-P - sir 230mm, visina 418 mm, dubina 358 mm Ili na primer Logitech Z553 2.1: visina downfiring subwoofera je 381 mm

http://www.pioneer.eu/eur/products/45/66/42/HTP-072/page.html http://www.homesound.ro/manuals/htp-073_4.pdf http://www.pioneerelectronics.com/ephox/StaticFiles/PUSA/Files/Home/HTP-072%20Single%20Sheet.pdf





http://www.eponuda.com/kucni-bioskopi/pioneer-htp-072-kucni-bioskop-cena-282480 http://www.tehnomanija.rs//index.php?mod=catalog&op=product&product_id=58063 https://geizhals.at/eu/?cat=hificin


Primarni ciljevi:

  • da bude šminka (marka kad neko pogleda da kaže woow). Ujedno će se i lako prodati.
  • da ima downfiring subwoofer
  • da košta oko 200-250 eur jer nemam više a i trend budućnosti ide ka Sonos-zvučnike

Komplet zvučnka:

My Picks, by the order of wishes:

  • JBL Cinema 610 (h-min 220€) ~ Sat: 3"+1.25", Cent: 2x3"+1.25", Sub 8" Amazon.de (299€)

  • Harman Kardon HKTS 5 (h-min 180€) ~ Sat: 3"+1/2", Cent: 2x3"+3/4", Sub 8" (HKTS 160SUB) Amazon.de (220€)

~ Canton Movie 125 MX ~ Sat: 3"+1/2", Cent: 2x3"+1/2", Sub 8" Great reviews, but not for its successor 130 MX. Amazon.de (183+MwS=218€, 26. nov ~ 150€+MwS = 179€)

  • Pioneer S-HS100 (h-min 70€) ~ Satellites: 3", Subwoofer 6" 100W RMS Amazon.de (120+MwS=142€)

  • JBL Cinema 510 (h-min 180€) ~ Sat+Cent: 1x3" (75mm), Sub 6.5" (16.5cm) 60W RMS Amazon.de (220€, 15. dec ~ 175€+MwS = 209€)


  • Harman Kardon HKTS 16 (h-min 320€) ~ Sat: 2x3" (75mm) + 1/2" (13mm) tweeter, Cent: 3"+3"+3/4" (19mm) tweeter, Sub 8" (HKTS 210SUB) Amazon.de (399€, 10. dec ~ 280€+MwS = 333€)

  • Harman Kardon HKTS 9 (h-min 230€) ~ Sat: 3"+1/2", Cent: 2x3"+3/4", Sub 8" (HKTS 210SUB) Amazon.de (311+MwS=370€, 26. nov ~ 245€+MwS = 289€)

    Harman Kardon HKTS 9BQ Review The lack of a bass port makes the sub more flexible placement-wise, because this allows you to put it closer to walls than you otherwise would be able to.

  • Polk Audio TL1600 Blackstone 5.1 (h-min 230€) ~ Blackstone TL1 satellite 2.5" + 1/2" tweeter, TL1 center 2.5"+2.5"+1/2" tweeter, Sub 8" 100W RMS The bass leaves something to be desired. Comparable with HKTS 16. Easy to “blow” satellites. Amazon.de (360€, 28. dec ~ 202€+MwS = 240€)

  • Teufel Consono 35 Mk3 Amazon.de (329€)

  • Onkyo SKS-HT648 ~ Sat: 3"+1", Cent: 3"+3"+1", Sub 8" Amazon.de (280€)

  • Onkyo SKS HT 528 5.1 ~ Sat: 3", Cent: 3", Sub 8" Too weak. But cheap. Amazon.de (199€)

  • Logitech G51 ~ Sat: 2x2", Cent: 2x2", Sub 5.25"

Subwoofer only:

  • Yamaha YST FSW 050 (h-min 83€) ~ 6" driver / 100W RMS

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