Health » NR & NMN Suppliers

Health » NR & NMN Suppliers

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NR & NMN Manufacturers

Effepharm (Uthever) is a very good company. We (Alive By Science) purchase from Effepharm and several other suppliers. DNA and Prohealth only buy from Effepharm. is Chinese (Shanghai) company. Sellers are listed on their site!

Takođe, Lyphar (China) pravi NMN:

European Sellers

UK Sellers: has Uthever NMN (Coupon Code: MYNMN) doesn’t ship to Serbia Hansen Supplements is actualy from Poland, 30gr = 105€


You can’t patent a molecule. You can patent a process to build a molecule. For example, Charles Brenner developed a process to produce nicotinamide riboside chloride, which was patented to Dartmouth University which was eventually picked up by Chromadex.

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