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Jebem ti mater!

Disable “Object Cache” In W3 Total Cache https://onlinemediamasters.com/slow-wordpress-admin-panel/#high-cpu-plugins https://wplift.com/slow-wordpress-admin-dashboard

Ili Use Object Caching How to Speed Up a Slow WooCommerce Backend

GitHub - lukecav/performance-improvements-for-woocommerce: Performance tweaks for the front-end and back-end of a store.

Holy fuck - prave odvojene tabele! PERFORMANCE IMPROVEMENTS COMING TO WOOCOMMERCE There are two database-related projects in active development that we’re really excited about: Custom Product Tables and Custom Order Tables. https://wp-rocket.me/blog/how-to-speed-up-slow-woocommerce-backend/

https://github.com/woocommerce/woocommerce-product-tables-feature-plugin https://github.com/liquidweb/woocommerce-custom-orders-table

Problem je bio: Fixing Slow WordPress Admin Dashboards

Object cache

Oni tvrde da su najbrži: The Fastest Redis Object Cache for WordPress - Pressjitsu pressjitsu/pj-object-cache-red: The fastest Redis Object Cache for WordPress you’ll find.

Koji je Woocommerce optimized?

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